Deciding to consult a urologist should not be a hard decision. There are many different treatment options to choose from, beginning with a conversation with a competent and empathetic specialist. 

The following diagnostic procedures do not involve much discomfort. With increasing age, and afer the change in female hormone levels, confusions of the nervous signals is common. There is a wide range of treatments available, stretching from bladder-calming medication all the way up to electromodulation. 

This results from the combination of a natural tissue weakness and strenuous physical work, delivery or excessive weight. Modern treatments include pelvic floor muscle exercises as well as technical assistance, and minimal invasive surgical procedures. These can usually be performed on an out-patient basis. Medication is available to people suffering from incontinence.


Information concerning incontinence surgery
Tension-free vaginal tape (TVT), is based on a specially designed, tissue-friendly implant. Because of this technology, the thread no longer needs to be sewn into the tissue, but attaches to it independently because of its mesh structure. This causes an effect similar to Velcro, and allows the tissue to grow together and integrate the implant within a short time period.